About Le Grand - Bistro & Oyster Bar

From 3-time Best New Restaurant winning restaurateur, Robert Thompson, comes a 21st Century Parisian bistro; Le Grand Bistro | Oyster Bar.

What is a 21st Century Bistro? - It's classic bistro/brasserie food at it's core; Choucroute Garnie, Onion Soup & Steak Tartare, defined by it's outer edges; seasonal, fresher and more vegetal ingredients with influences from Mediterranean, North Africa and Vietnam. Inspired dishes, such as Brined Octopus with Tapenade, House-made Papperdelle with Rabbit and Mustard Jus, Roasted Chicken with Artichoke Vinaigrette, and Citrus Brined Scallop Ceviche are what you will enjoy from former resident of France and award winning Denver celebrity Chef John Broening.

What French people eat is much lighter, fresher, more vegetal and a lot less fussy than the popular stereotype. At Le Grand, I look forward to cooking the everyday food that French people eat. In addition to a core of bistro classics, our focus at Le Grand will change according to the season:

In the Spring/Summer, we will focus on the clean Meditarranean flavors of Provence: tomatoes, lamb, olives, artichokes, goat cheese and olive oil.

In the Fall, Brittany and Normandy: apples, crepes, great seafood and mussels.

And in Winter, Burgundy, Perigord, and Alsace-Lorraine: coq au vin, duck confit, cassoulet, and the great brasserie dishes like choucroute.

- Executive Chef John Broening