Keep Costs Inline While Still Getting a New Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom renovations the cost can vary enormously depending on the size of the project and what upgrades you decide to go with. If you don’t plan out your renovation the right way you will soon find costs getting away from you. Here is how you can keep costs inline while still getting a new bathroom.

Do it Right the First Time

Using a cheap contractor or cheap material does you not good if you have to do it twice. If you think reusing materials like your bathtub or getting a “friend” to help with renovations as opposed to hiring a contractor will save you money you’re mistaken. Friends that aren’t actual tradesmen have no business trying to fix your plumbing or electrical work, and your bathroom has both. Also the whole situation can backfire and end up costing you a fortune. Not to mention that it can take forever trying to schedule all the help that you need.


Retrofits are those cosmetic renovations that don’t need you to gut your bathroom down to the studs and rebuild it from scratch. Changing layouts makes your costs skyrocket. If you keep everything where it is you can save thousands of dollars in renovation costs. You can still increase your storage space and change color and fixtures or whatever you like.

What the Cost of Your Tile

Just changing your tile alone can make a huge difference in the look of your bathroom, I can also make or break your budget. There are some guidelines that can help you select the right tile and keep you within your budget.

Small tiles cost more. Mosaic tiles can make your shower look absolutely stunning but they also cost a fortune. They can cost well over $200 per square meter. Add to that the cost of having a tile guy install them takes far more time so you will spend your more money. Small tiles require that the surface you are putting them on is perfectly flat or imperfections will clearly show, all of this is more time and when it comes to renovations time is money.

Going in the other direction those extra-large tiles are also far more expensive. They look great and make your bathroom look larger but the scale of them can make them awkward and heavy to install. You will need two installers rather than just the one so it’s double the labor cost. Standard tile sizes lower your costs.

Don’t tile the entire bathroom. Covering the entire bathroom from floor to ceiling is also more expensive, aesthetically it can be overwhelming too. To cut down on your costs all you need to tile is just the areas that are exposed to water like around the shower and bathtub.

The finish you choose for your tiles will also affect the price. You can choose between a matte, gloss or semi-gloss with matte finish being the least expensive. You can save money with matte and it is easier to clean making it ideal for the bathroom.

Renovations can improve the value of your home but only if the costs do n’t get away from you. These are some ways that you can keep your expenses under control.

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